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masteradd repodata backAuto Mock16 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2007-12-14add repodata backHEADmasterAuto Mock
2007-12-14update olpc-utils to 0.48.2 to fix X bugs from 651Auto Mock
2007-12-14add fixes forAuto Mock
2007-11-29Update to sugar 0.70.3-1 to fix library indexing.Auto Mock
2007-11-29Updated telepathy-salut.Auto Mock
2007-11-29Update sugar (5-character change) for trac #5141.Auto Mock
2007-11-28Add libpcap for tcpdump. (trac #5153)Auto Mock
2007-11-27Latest olpc-utils (trac #5133) and telepathy-salut (trac #5070).Auto Mock
2007-11-21Revert fix for trac #4662, since it is suspected of causing activity load fai...Auto Mock
2007-11-20Update sugar (trac #4777) and sugar-datastore (trac #4662) in update1.Auto Mock