BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAdd kernel, bootfw and olpc-runin-tests from os126Auto Mock13 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2010-06-11Add kernel, bootfw and olpc-runin-tests from os126HEADmasterAuto Mock
2010-05-04Add bootfw and olpc-runin-tests packagesAuto Mock
2010-05-04Trac #10145: update kernel for camera fixAuto Mock
2010-05-03Mass import from os122Auto Mock
2010-05-03Mass import from os122, new kernel.Auto Mock
2010-01-28upgrade to kernel-2.6.31_xo1.5-20100127.1842.1Auto Mock
2010-01-20revert to os108's kernelAuto Mock
2010-01-20Add f11-xo1.5 xs-dev content to local.10.2-xo1.5 branchAuto Mock
2009-12-17Trac #9873: firmware update to fix secure reflashAuto Mock
2009-12-15Trac #9832: Loading camera module breaks serial portAuto Mock