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masterpull in some packages from updates-testingAuto Mock13 years
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2010-05-04pull in some packages from updates-testingHEADmasterAuto Mock
2010-05-04F11 updates resyncAuto Mock
2010-05-03Mass update from os122.Auto Mock
2010-01-20Incorporate RPMs from 10.2.0 build up to os108Auto Mock
2009-12-10Import some updates-testing packages that we are using (#9833)Auto Mock
2009-12-09import F11 updates as of todayAuto Mock
2008-10-01Trac #8726: Read icon should not appear in favorites viewAuto Mock
2008-09-29Trac #7932: Emergency NAND-full cleanup script doesn't work on secured machinesAuto Mock
2008-09-29Trac #8674: Installing bundles wipes out ~/ActivitiesAuto Mock
2008-09-29Trac #8711: Sugar CPU 'leak'Auto Mock